Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam

The IsuzuWeb; Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam Show Information

The following information has been provided to give IsuzuWeb members information about the 2002 Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam and the activities that the IsuzuWeb have planned as part of this event.


The Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam is a national car show for compact and import cars. The show is held in conjunction with the Carlisle Import/Replicar Nationals, a classic and special interest show. The Custom Compact Power Jam has grown into the second largest annual import car show in East of the Rocky Mountains, attracting almost 3,000 participants. It has become the key event for the Isuzu enthusiast community in North America. The IsuzuWeb will again be participating in this show in a big way.

Where and When

The 2002 Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam will again be held in Carlisle, Pennsylvania on May 4-5, 2002 (Saturday and Sunday only this year). Carlisle, Pennsylvania is located off the Interstate 76 Pennsylvania Turnpike, at the Highway 11 interchange, just West of Harrisburg, in South-Central Pennsylvania. For more information and directions, check the Carlisle Productions Website.

Show Registration

Bill's Isuzuperformance is sponsoring all IsuzuWeb members for one-third off the show field registration fee who register for the Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam with the IsuzuWeb. The registration fee is $20.00 and is due by April 5, 2002. To register, print out the registration form from the registration web page and mail it along with a check payable to "Bill Luton" to:

The IsuzuWeb
8400 Craighill Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63123


Members are encourage to stay at one of the two following motels where most of the IsuzuWeb members usually stay.
The Clarion. The Clarion is a bit more expensive, but they are located closer to the Carlisle Fun Center and are set back from Highway 11, so there is less noise from the local traffic, which has become rather loud over the last several years. The Clarion has become more and more popular with IsuzuWeb members over the last several years. In recent years, I have heard complaints about other area motels calling the police who arrive and tell anyone in or around their parking areas to leave or go inside (I suppose this is a congregation area and people gather to watch the traffic on Highway 11). This has never happened to me at the Clarion, where I have been known to be out in the parking lot polishing my car at 2 AM. The Clarion's telephone number is (717) 243-1717.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Motel 6 #1297 which is a bit closer to the fairgrounds and is more economical. Their telephone number is (717) 249-7622. This is one of the least expensive motels in the area and usually fills up several months before the show.
We will put together a list of everyone attending after all of the registrations are received at the end of March and if anyone wishes to split accomodations with someone else by sharing a room, we will provide a list of registrants to facilitate this.


Please note the following changes made by Carlisel Productions for 2002:


The 2002 show will feature the following activities::

Preliminary Itenerary

This is the preiminary itenerary of events that have been planned for the IsuzuWeb to participate in at the Carlisle Custom Compact Power Jam. Nothing is manditory, but we would very much like to have everyone available for the group photo shoot and the picnic.