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Application is easy, select to copy the below form and paste it into the Netscape letter which comes up when you click on the address:
The IsuzuWeb is a car club, not a truck or suv club. If you are a truck or suv owner and are looking for a truck or suv club, do not apply to the IsuzuWeb, please contact ITOG instead.

No Member Name Will Be Added Until ALL Application Information Is Submitted.

You MUST Include your complete mailing address and your vehicle identification number or your application can not be processed.

When your application is received, it will be reviewed to check if all required information has been included. If there is information missing, a message will be sent to the return address of the email message to ask that the omitted information be supplied so that the application can be processed.
The most common information omitted is the city, state, and zip code from the postal address and the vehicle identification number.

All applications indicating ownership of a truck or sport utility vehicle will be immediately discarded because the IsuzuWeb is not a truck club, it is a car club.

Once the full information has been received, the application will be placed in a file until such time that more than ten completed applications have been collected (usually 10-20 days) and each applicant will be sent an invitation and instructions of how to join the IsuzuWeb Mailing List.

Applications will then be placed into another file to be updated into the database and placed on the membership roster when the next mailing occurs of either Resurgence Magazine or an update letter to the membership (usually once every three to six months).

All of this is done manually and, more importnantly, by a volunteer, who is not being paid. Patience is appreciated and multiple membership submissions are frowned upon.

In short, if you are a Isuzu car owner that has submitted an application and you have not received a message asking for information that was omitted in your application submittal, there is no reason to be impatient, as your application has been accepted and you will receive an invitation to join the mailing list in due time.

Thank you.

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